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Brave Men's Bridge

Title: Brave Men’s Bridge
Pairing: Sulay (actually Layho? Hahaha whichever, idk)
Rating: PG
Length: One-Shot (1,767 words)
Genre: fluff, fluff AND MORE FLUFF hehehe and…. Crack and comedy LOL
Summary: Yixing is filming in Hunan and the boys decide to go on holiday there to visit him. Boys bring unsuspecting Joonmyun to Hunan’s famed Brave Men’s Bridge and Joonmyun gets scared. Zhang Yixing swoops in and saves the day!!!


“Hunan? For holiday?”

“Yeah, hyung! It’ll be fun!” Chanyeol exclaimed, nodding his head excitedly. “There’s this bridge we wanna visit and-“

“Joonmyun hyung. You know Xing hyung is filming in Hunan right now.” Baekhyun deadpanned. Man in question raised his eyebrow at his dongsaeng, trying to not get flustered at the mention of his boyfriend. His boyfriend he hasn’t met in real life in a long, long time.

“We can go visit him on his off days too, you know.”

Kim Joonmyun failed. He felt his cheeks grow warmer, and the snickering from both Baekhyun and Chanyeol proved that he did not manage to keep his cool.

“Okay, let’s go,” Cue more sniggering. “and no! Yixing was not the deciding factor!” Joonmyun sputtered.

Well, of course Yixing was the deciding factor. But Joonmyun was not going to give them the satisfaction of knowing that.


They’ve arrived in Hunan, but the first thing they did upon arrival was dump their bags in their hotel rooms and hop on a bus…..

To a mountain. All 8 boys are now climbing up it and a certain Kim Joonmyun was red faced and huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.

“Why are we climbing a mountain you guys?! I did not sign up for this!”

Sehun stopped in his tracks and turned to face his leader. The poor boy goes to the gym A LOT but is terribly unfit. Sehun tsked.

“Hyung, are you sure you go to the gym? Keep up!” Sehun huffed.

“Oh Sehun you did not just-“

Sehun rolled his eyes and cut him.

“Yes, I did, hyung. Now, hurry up! You’ll thank us later. We’ve got a surprise for you!” Joonmyun’s ears perked up.

Now, Kim Joonmyun is not, by any means, dumb. Well, yes, he may act dumb around his dongsaengs, but intelligence-wise, he is pretty sharp. So if one plus one equals two, that means Yixing should be the “surprise” Sehun insinuated.

And so, with a new resolve, a certain Kim Joonmyun found the energy to put a spring in his step and bulldoze his way through the brushes to reach the top of the mountain before anyone else.


Kim Joonmyun did not sign up for this at all.

He arrived at the peak a good half minute or so ahead of the rest, but was slowly backing off until he couldn’t anymore.

“Oof!” Joonmyun turned around only to find that he had bumped into one Park Chanyeol. Except this one had a crazed smile on his face and his left eye was slightly twitching as he took in the view of what was behind Joonmyun.

In all the years that Kim Joonmyun has known Park Chanyeol, he has never felt so frightened.

“Baekhyun-ah! Sehun-ah! Jongin-ah! You guys! EVERYONE! LET’S GO!” He bellowed, before running straight towards the bridge behind Joonmyun.
But, oh no. This bridge was not a normal bridge.

It was a suspension bridge completely made out of glass.

Joonmyun felt a hand on his right shoulder. He turned to see Minseok look at the bridge with a faraway gaze.

“A bridge has no allegiance to either side.”

With that somewhat cryptic quote, Minseok patted Joonmyun’s shoulder and ushered him along to the bridge. Poor, bewildered Kim Joonmyun was still staring at his hyung in disbelief before he realised he had gone too far and was now about 15 paces off the mountain…..

And on the bridge itself.

He froze.

He could see Chanyeol and Sehun high-fiving each other on the other side of the bridge, safe on the other mountain. Minseok has decided to continue walking leisurely by himself, leaving Joonmyun to save himself. He could hear Baekhyun laughing and running towards him, before feeling said boy rush by him, an angry Kyungsoo running after him.

Joonmyun closed his eyes and let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. And then he realised.


Baekhyun’s running could’ve caused the bridge to collapse!

With that, Joonmyun promptly felt his legs give way and he fell to the floor. His hands balled up into fists against the glass floor, his breathing increased in pace, he scrunched up his eyes because he could feel tears pooling – DAMMIT HE WAS NOT GOOD WITH HEIGHTS. As Joonmyun tried to get a grip over his emotions, he could hear someone walking towards him. Abruptly, the footsteps stop. Great. Now, he was being a nuisance as well, blocking the pathway for other tourists who were probably more brave than he was and could bound through the bridge without having to – Hold on, why is this tourist holding on to his face. Oh, it must be a guide trying to get him to break out of his fear. At this point, Joonmyun gave up and let his tears fall from behind tightly shut lids. He began shaking his head, it being the international sign for “OH NO PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME CROSS THIS BRIDGE IT’S NOT THAT I WON’T DO IT, IT’S JUST THAT I REALLY CAN’T”.

“Babe, open your eyes.” And for the second time that day, Joonmyun froze. Why does this guide sound so much like his boyfriend? He must be so scared, he must have started hallucinating. He really doesn’t want to, but this guy was still holding on to his face and was wiping away his tears and Kim Joonmyun, being the good boyfriend that he is, should open his eyes and remember the face of this boyfriend-imposter so that he can get Yixing to beat him up for being so touchy with him. So he opened his eyes.

And started crying even more.

“Yixing…” He cried, broken sobs.

Yixing smiled a soft smile, his dimple becoming ever-more present, as he continued wiping away his boyfriend’s tears, shushing him and calming him down.

“Hey babe. Long time no see,” Yixing smiled, pulling his boyfriend up to stand. His eyes never left Joonmyun’s the second he opened them, and Yixing could now see the fear returning as they stood up. Thinking quick, he ran his hands down the sides of his boyfriend’s face, then shoulders, then arms and body, before resting over each other on the small of his back.

In one swift motion, Yixing was pulling his boyfriend flush against him. “I’ve missed you.”

The fear in Joonmyun’s eyes dissipated almost immediately, replaced by shock, then embarrassment. Along with a beautiful, light dusting of pink on his cheeks.

“Xing… We’re in public…..” Joonmyun’s voice was barely a whisper, but Yixing’s brain was doing cartwheels in celebration. The simple fact that he could no longer detect fear in Joonmyun’s eyes, and that his boyfriend managed to speak - well, whisper - meant that Yixing has done enough.

He managed to embarrass his boyfriend with his public display of affection enough for him to forget about his fear of heights.

Yixing faked a pout, and released his arms. “So does that mean you don’t want to hug me?” He took a step back, feigning hurt, just as Joonmyun’s eyes grew wider, seemingly regretting saying anything at all, before making a small run and burying his head into his boyfriend’s chest.

Joonmyun’s arms tightened around Yixing, not wanting to let go ever because it’s been too long since he saw him, okay, and he was just surprised!
Yixing chuckled, one arm going back around his boyfriend’s waist and the other going to stroke his head. He went to lay his head on top of Joonmyun’s when he heard the smaller man mumble something against his chest.

“Hmm? I can’t hear you, love. You’ll need to speak louder if you want me to actually hear what you’re saying.” Yixing felt Joonmyun huff a little against his chest before tilting his head up to rest his chin against Yixing’s chest.

Cheeks still slightly tinged pink, Joonmyun repeated “I said, I’ve missed you, too.” And then, while looking away, he said under his breath, “Idiot.”

Yixing let out one wholehearted laugh at how adorable his boyfriend was being, before planting a kiss on his forehead, smiling wide. At this, Joonmyun’s eyes widened, yet again, before he returned to hiding in his partner’s chest.
With that, Yixing put his plan into action.

“So, my sweet, what have you been up to while I’ve been in China?”


Jongdae eyed his two hyungs on the bridge. Yixing was whispering into Joonmyun’s ear and was stroking his hair, slowly walking himself and his boyfriend backwards towards where the group was on the other mountain.

“What are they doing?”

“That, my friend,” Minseok sidled up next to his dongsaeng. “is Yixing showing Joonmyun how a bridge has no allegiance to either side.”

Jongdae looked at his nodding hyung as though he had grown two horns. Behind him, he could hear Baekhyun laughing stitches.

“What Minseok hyung means to say,” Baekhyun wheezed. “is that Yixing hyung is being a good boyfriend and is distracting our poor leader over there from his fear of heights while leading him back to safe, solid ground.”



“-and he had the cheek to show my underwear on broadcast! Why would he do that, xing?” Yixing could hear the defeat in his boyfriend’s voice just as they stepped onto the grassy patch of land that was the other mountain the glass bridge was suspended from.
He chuckled. “Well, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

Yixing stepped away from Joonmyun, revealing 8 boys looking at him with different expressions.

Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Jongdae were giving Joonmyun the look and wiggling their eyebrows, Kai and Sehun had varying degrees of exasperation etched on their faces while Kyungsoo and Minseok were both nodding, one stoic and the other dazed.
Joonmyun could not help his jaw from falling even if he tried.

“Huh? Wait, wha-” He sputtered, turning to look at his boyfriend, his eyebrows bunching together in confusion. Yixing just smiled and pointed to the bridge, mouthing “You crossed it with me”.

“Oh.” Was all Joonmyun could manage. Yixing let out a small laugh as the rest of his group bounded noisily down the mountain and went over to slip Joonmyun’s hand into his.

He revelled in the slight dusting of pink that returned to his boyfriend’s cheek as their hands touched. “Shall we go, my princess?”
Joonmyun, frowned, mumbling “I’m not a princess.” But he grabbed Yixing’s hand anyways and began to trek downhill, pulling his amused boyfriend with him.

And that, is the story of how, Kim Joonmyun conquered Brave Men’s Bridge.

….well, with the help of a certain boyfriend named Zhang Yixing.
A/N: OMG HI YOU GUYS hahaha I’ve been wanting to write a fic for AGES and this idea has actually been with me for quite a while, I was just undecided on which pairing I wanted to write with. BUT THEN ON THE WAY BACK FROM WORK, I HAD THIS SUDDEN INSPIRATION TO WRITE THIS STORY WITH SULAY (albeit, not my normal sulay with Suho being the manlier one, this time our lovely healing unicorn XingXing is being manly and taking care of his Joonmyun!) and I’ve been writing this ever since I got home hahahaha.

It’s almost 12.30am where I am now, and I have work tomorrow, but I just had to complete this fic tonight AND I DID YAY CONGRATS TO ME hehehe I usually lose inspiration halfway and stop writing BUT HEY I PERSEVERED THIS TIME AROUND!!!
Also, I started this fic with a single tag “fluff”, but as I wrote, the fic just went everywhere and I realised that I had to put “crack” and “comedy” as well…… hahahahahahaha oh well!

You guys should totally comment! I’ll be replying~

A/N 2: If you don’t know what Brave Men’s Bridge is, go Google it! It’s basically a long, suspended bridge between 2 mountains (?) in Hunan, and it’s made COMPLETELY OUT OF GLASS. If I should ever attempt to cross this bridge, I’d probably end up like poor Kim Joonmyun over here. Sigh. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a Zhang Yixing to save me just like how he had one to save him? Oh well, a girl can dream. HAHAHA ALRIGHT TIME FOR SLEEP goodnight everyone!

A/N 3: I actually posted this earlier on my AFF page, so if you see it there, yes, that's me hahaha let me know!

Tags: group: exo, length: one-shot, pairing: sulay

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