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Just Another Day in the Kim Household

Title: Just Another Day in the Kim Household
Pairing: Sulay
Rating: PG
Length: One-Shot (1,745 words)
Genre: AU, romance, family, comedy
Summary: Where Joonmyun’s the dad and Yixing’s the mum and they have EXO as their kids.

A/N: Wow... So this is me venturing out into the unknown lands of livejournal... HAHA I've had this journal for awhile but I mainly used it to read fics and comment. Here I am now posting my first fic here!I have written a fic before and it's on asianfanfics (I went by the same name there too) but that fic was pretty meh HAHA This is a one-shot but I do have ideas to make it into a chaptered fic but I'll think about it (; I got a little carried away and this one-shot ended up being 1,000 over words oops :x Do enjoy it though! I really like this plot hehe I was inspired by a few fics and a few twitter-celebs' lives n_n


“Hey! HEY! Get off the table!”

“Ow, hyung!!! I’m sorry, don’t kick me!”


“Eoridago nolliji maray – YA KIM BAEKHYUN, GIVE THAT BACK!!!”

In the kitchen, one man was slumped on a bar stool, leaning over a pot of steaming chicken soup. His children were a loud, persistent bunch, a fact he acknowledged with a small sigh as he dropped the spoon he was holding on the table. It’s not that Yixing was not capable of taking care of his children, it’s just that he caught a bug from one of his nieces the past weekend when his family paid their weekly visit to his husband’s parents’ family home and his normally well-behaved children knew of this nugget of information, taking advantage of their mother while he was under the weather. Which resulted in the chaos Yixing currently faced.

Home? House? More like Mansion… Or Castle? Heck, I don’t even know, Yixing chuckled slightly, shaking his head. All he knew was that he has never known (nor will he ever know, he thinks) anyone who owns any type of property larger than the Kims.

Shuffling over to the phone next the double fridge which his husband insisted on purchasing because one refrigerator won’t be enough to fit all the food we’re gonna need to feed our kids babe, and because how can Yixing deny his husband when he his eyes shone as he smiled while talking about our kids, the sickly man dialled 1 on speed dial, coughing slightly as he waited for Joonmyun to answer his cellphone.

“Joonie…” Yixing croaked the second he heard the phone being answered on the other side.

“Xing? What’s wrong baby, did something happen at home?” Yixing giggled a little as he heard the tinge of panic lacing the other man’s voice. He knew his husband like an old nursery rhyme, and Joonmyun being the worrier that he was, would have rushed out of his office the second he heard Yixing’s voice calling him while he was sick.

“Nothing’s wrong, I was just… Wondering what time you were going to be home today. That’s all.”

Ding. Basement 3.

Yixing sighed into the receiver, smiling as he heard the tell-tale ding of his husband’s office tower elevator, indicating that his husband DID ditch work at 3.45pm in the afternoon just because he called him while he was sick.

“Right now, actually. I’m walking to Merc right now, baby. Are you hurt anywhere? Did you fall? Did your fever go up? Did you-“

“Joonie,” Yixing interrupted with a small tinkling laugh. “You can’t just drop work every time I call you while I’m sick! How many times has it been now, 6? 7?”

“8, baby. For every time you were pregnant and those few times you were either sick or broke or sprained something.” Joonmyun answered, his phone between his right ear and shoulder as he started the engine to his Mercedes-Benz S600. “And you’re pregnant again now! How can I not worry about you when you’re sick AND pregnant?!”

Yixing heard the frustration in the other man’s voice, but took no offence at the tone. He was probably just miffed at himself for not taking care of Yixing well enough, which the latter begged to differ.

“It’s just that… I haven’t had a bite, I slept the whole day after the kids left for school and only woke up when they were back and making a racket. I made chicken soup but the noise they’re making is hurting my head and I just don’t have the energy to deal with any of them like this. I guess this time you can be excused for skipping work, because I really need you here. With me.” Yixing confessed, rubbing the heel of his palm into his eyes as let out a small yawn. He hated being sick, it made him weak and more dependent on Joonmyun.

“I hear you, baby, and I understand. Try to drink a little soup, or else head to bed for awhile. I’m 15 minutes away, love.” With that, a murmured thank you and a sweet I love you and I love you, too, the frail man in the kitchen hung up.

Yixing readjusted his knitted sweater, wrapping it tighter around him as he huffed a wayward strand of brown hair out of his face, before padding towards to living room and the adjacent patio and backyard, where he presumed his children were making all the ruckus. Sure enough, as the young man stepped into the large living area, he spotted his children. What they were doing, though, effectively stopped him in his tracks, his mouth agape from the scene that unfolded before him.

Chanyeol had his arms wrapped around as much of the glass coffee table as he could, kicking and screaming at his older twin, Jongdae, who was squatting on the other end of the coffee table while pulling the former’s ears out like Dumbo’s. The television was playing Girls’ Generation (by a group of girls with the same name that Yixing happened to choreograph for), but whoever that was singing along to it earlier had abandoned it. Baekhyun was running circles around the coffee table, waving a remote control around while being chased by the oldest, Minseok, his face red and puffy. Outside, past the full-length windows and the attached door, the now flabbergasted man couldn’t contain the squeak that escaped his mouth even if he wanted to, for his other oldest twin, Luhan, was chasing his youngest sibling, Kyungsoo, with the soccer ball in the backyard.

Yixing stumbled, blinking rapidly at the chaos in front of him. When did his children get so… He couldn’t even find the right word for their behaviour at this moment. He felt skinny fingers push against his shoulders to support him from crumpling to the floor in despair. Yixing turned his wide eyes to find Kris, his second oldest child after his first pair of twins.

“Honey… What has gotten into your siblings?”

Yifan merely shrugged, dropping his hands from his mother’s back and then bellowing to grab said siblings’ attention.
Yifan was a quiet boy by nature, but he could be loud when he needed to be. As the sudden silence enveloped the household, Yixing straightened up and cleared his throat, praying that his voice would be loud enough for his children to catch his disappointment.

“I know that all of you took the advantage of my health to play as much as you wanted to today, but let this be clear that I am disappointed in the way each and every one of you behaved. Nobody came to greet me today, nor did anyone try to keep everyone in check. That was extremely disrespectful and irresponsible of you, traits which I never want my children to have.” At this point, Yixing made a point to look at each boy in the eye, until they looked away from the embarrassment from the realization that sinked in.

“I’ve called your father and he will be home in, “ a short glance to the wall-mounted clock by the door gave him the answer he was looking for. “5 minutes. Everybody sit down on the sofa and reflect on your actions this afternoon before he gets here.”

As Yixing turned and headed towards the stairs which led to the second floor, he heard his childrens’ horrified whispers, which were along the lines of Daddy’s coming home? But it’s not even 4! and we’re in trouble now which tugged at corners of his lips. His angels were really just kids being kids but he didn’t want them to be troublemakers and wanted them to learn values and be upright citizens of the society, which was why he resorted to using fear to make them listen. Each of his children were well aware that, in this household, their mother was the angel and fairy godmother, while their father was the disciplinarian. No one should ever make him angry.

The sick, and very exhausted, pregnant man plopped onto the king-sized bed in the master bedroom just as Joonmyun’s car entered the gates. With a small smile (and one of his younger boys bursting out into tears with proclamations of I don’t want to get scolded!), Yixing let go of the emotions he battled with throughout the whole afternoon, sinking into the soft cotton as he allowed himself to drift into slumber now that his husband was home.


Yixing stirred a few hours later feeling much better, and more hungrier, than he was in the afternoon. Joonmyun’s arms was wrapped loosely around his waist, his head on his husband’s chest. Stretching slowly, Yixing let out a mewl of discomfort, placing a hand on the small of his back. Being pregnant brought back so many of his past dance injuries. Sitting up, the pregnant man slouched to relieve a bit of the pain in his back, his fringe falling to cover most of his face at the same time. Joonmyun crawled over to his wife, sweeping his fringe out of his sleep-addled eyes, tucking a few strands behind the sleepy man’s ear.

“Feeling better?”

A soft, non-committal grunt. “The kids?” Yixing asked softly.

Chuckling, Joonmyun pulled his wife back down to lie on the bed again as he replied, “In their rooms. Everyone apologized the minute I stepped in. It was a quite a sight really. They knew what they did wrong, and they wanted to apologize to you straightaway! I sent them to their rooms instead, no dinner for the night.”

This answer seemingly pleased Yixing, as he curled back into Joonmyun’s arms.

“No dinner? That’s right, let those troublemakers starve!” Both men heard the smile behind Yixing’s exclamation, both knowing that should any of their children be out of their rooms later, Yixing would not hesitate to make dinner for them. The man loved his children too much that way.

Closing his eyes, Yixing breathed in his husband’s cologne and smiled against his chest. This was what he had always wanted. Wonderful angels he called his children, no matter how loud or playful, that he would always pamper, and a loving husband who would make decisions that bordered insane because he loved his wife too much. Yixing was thankful for this life and had no complains whatsoever, because it definitely made up for the one he had before.

All’s well, just a normal day in the Kim household.

A/N2: That was it! Do watch this journal because I have a few more ideas floating around my head, and if I ever get bored of studying (or had enough of it for a while and am in desperate need of something else to do), I'll upload something! This fic might be a little confusing for some of you so here's the breakdown of their ages below (in this one-shot):

Yixing - 28 years old
Joonmyun - 28 years old
First pair of twins (older twin): Minseok - 9 years old
First pair of twins (younger twin): Luhan - 9 years old
Second oldest: Kris - 8 years old
Third oldest: Baekhyun - 6 years old
Second pair of twins (older twin): Jongdae - 6 years old
Second pair of twins (younger twin): Chanyeol - 6 years old
Youngest: Kyungsoo - 5 years old

*Note: Baekhyun, Jongdae and Chanyeol are all the same age because Baekhyun was born on 1st January while his younger twin siblings were born in December of the same year (I know kids who were born like this okay guys, it's actually possible hehehe)
Tags: group: exo, length: one-shot, pairing: sulay

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