Brave Men's Bridge

Title: Brave Men’s Bridge
Pairing: Sulay (actually Layho? Hahaha whichever, idk)
Rating: PG
Length: One-Shot (1,767 words)
Genre: fluff, fluff AND MORE FLUFF hehehe and…. Crack and comedy LOL
Summary: Yixing is filming in Hunan and the boys decide to go on holiday there to visit him. Boys bring unsuspecting Joonmyun to Hunan’s famed Brave Men’s Bridge and Joonmyun gets scared. Zhang Yixing swoops in and saves the day!!!

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Just Another Day in the Kim Household

Title: Just Another Day in the Kim Household
Pairing: Sulay
Rating: PG
Length: One-Shot (1,745 words)
Genre: AU, romance, family, comedy
Summary: Where Joonmyun’s the dad and Yixing’s the mum and they have EXO as their kids.

A/N: Wow... So this is me venturing out into the unknown lands of livejournal... HAHA I've had this journal for awhile but I mainly used it to read fics and comment. Here I am now posting my first fic here!I have written a fic before and it's on asianfanfics (I went by the same name there too) but that fic was pretty meh HAHA This is a one-shot but I do have ideas to make it into a chaptered fic but I'll think about it (; I got a little carried away and this one-shot ended up being 1,000 over words oops :x Do enjoy it though! I really like this plot hehe I was inspired by a few fics and a few twitter-celebs' lives n_n

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